Moving up to Birmingham

What is Birmingham Famous For?

Aside from the creation of the delicious Balti (the nation’s second favourite next to fish and chips), Birmingham is actually quite well known for a few other reasons. It was recently declared Britain’s foodiest city by the New York Times, which is brilliant.

Birmingham is also home to Cadbury World, home to the nation’s favourite chocolate bar. With a Willy Wonka style factory tour and a whole host of delicious free treats, this attraction alone should be enough to have you in the car and on your way to visit.

The city is also the home of some fantastic bands such as Black Sabbath and ELO, as well as Duran Duran. People are also choosing to do more filming for movies in Birmingham as it is quickly becoming a sought after location.

It is home to some of the most amazing and spectacular parks. In fact, it has more parkland than any other city in Europe. Joseph Priestly, a resident of Birmingham, discovered oxygen in 1774, and the 571 parks found across the city help provide the people of Birmingham with clean, fresh air as well as a beautiful place to go and enjoy the day.


What’s It Like to Live in Birmingham?

Moving to a new city can be both exciting and terrifying, but moving to Birmingham might not leave you with those fearful thoughts. According to the residents of Birmingham, the city is an incredibly kind and accepting place where newcomers are never made to feel lonely. There are so many clubs and activities to join in with that you are sure to find a way to meet new people.

The property in the north of the UK is generally cheaper than the south. You’ll often get more for your money when you move up north, and the houses are quite nice too. There is nowhere in the city you can’t get to in 20 minutes, the transport in the city is excellent. There are plenty of jobs, and the housing market is very good at the moment.

For the low prices and the excellent community, it may well be worth moving up to Birmingham if you are looking for a new adventure in the city.

Birmingham Town is a vibrant, active, and welcoming community. The people are friendly, and there is always something to do so you’ll never get bored. So whether you are looking to move house or just a fun day out, Birmingham has something to offer you. Hop in the car and go visit – you won’t be disappointed.